Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Wow -- this has been a rough couple of months.  O.K.  I'm really not one to talk about my health issues but since I revealed I have Scleroderma and Fibromyalgia and these DO play a part in my attempts at living a creative life (the whole point of this blog), well...I guess I should discuss this once in awhile.

So, I had a bad sinus infection and bronchitis in November... another cold (that lasted about 4 weeks) in January...a severe case of stomach flu in February... and yet another cold in March.  Being on immune-suppressing pain medicine definitely has its downside!  (Well, more on that later...)

Even with all of that, I have STILL been forging on and working on something creative every day!  No small feat in itself:  when I'm on an antibiotic I can't take my main pain medicine (they basically cancel each other out).  I don't really notice anything different if I'm off it for only a week but the longer I'm off it the more pain I feel.  That definitely makes it difficult to be creative...and more difficult to even WANT to do anything remotely creative.  (I'm trying my best -- creating things is the only thing that saves me some days.  That, and my fuzzy kitties...  :-)

More soon.  Just wanted to mention why I haven't been around much lately...


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