Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well, I DID create something everyday for the past year...with one exception:  I didn't do anything on May 24th -- but I forgive that day.  That was a sad day.  :(

I did start a brand new shiny "Create Something Everyday for a Year" project today (July 1st).  I'm not sure if I want to define the focus of it any more than that, but I do know that I want to record more of my progress more here, along with in-progress pics.  I have lots of posts I need/want to catch up on, quite a few completed items to post on Etsy, and LOTS of blog posts to catch up on. 

It's been a very busy beginning of the summer...the 2nd half should be less busy with more time to spend on blogging, posting, etc.    ;)

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