Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Regretsy & Charity


One of my favorite sites that always makes me laugh out loud is  

For those of you who aren't familiar with Regretsy, it's the blog/website created by April Winchel "Where DIY meets WTF".

Regretsy is the "fail blog of hand crafts."  Ms. Winchel says it best:
Almost everything posted here is collected from the web site, Etsy, though I sometimes feature crafting failures from other sites.  I also will sometimes post things that are just incredibly odd and wonderful. So while not everything here is awful, it is always WTF.
I think this is where truly badhand crafted items go to die...hilariously...

I wanted to give just a bit of background information about Regretsy (for those of you who haven't heard a bout it) because this site, in addition to making me laugh out loud (as usual) also really moved me this evening.

Regretsy (with all their hilarious sarcasm and irreverence) has a Charity Link.  I looked through this link and was moved by all the creative folks out there that put their talents and time to good use in helping other people.

My friend Karen (who lives in New Jersey) participates every year in the Avon Walk  for Breast Cancer.  Maybe I could think of a way to contribute to her walk?  (Especially since I'm usually too broke to contribute much to her cause.)

I informally participated in a charity project several years ago when I worked at St. Andrews Presbyterian College (a small college in NC -- though they very recently changed their name to "St, Andrews University").  I decided to participate in the Save the Children's "Caps to the Capital" program and crochet baby caps for newborns in Malawi -- many babies in this developing country were dying because they were too cold.  Save the Children Malawi Deputy Country Director Jeanne Russell said.
"Showing that keeping a newborn warm — in this case with a knit cap — is one element of a package of low-cost but evidence based measures for saving newborn lives."
This project ultimately received over 280,000 baby caps knitted and crocheted by Americans!

When I first started working on this project, I decided to send out a campus-wide email about it to see if anyone else was interested.  I was surprised by the number of tiny little knit and crochet hats I received in campus mail -- many without a return address.  I brought them all to Bella Filati (wonderful knitting store in Southern Pines, NC) and they added them to the batch they were sending off.  (I can't remember now how many total hats we contributed but there were a LOT!)

(Hmm, back to Karen's Walk:  Think...think...think...)


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